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Very! Impressive!!!

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why must i whine…

I’m not even lying… my legs are SO sore right now… I did my fit test yesterday (time for another round) and plyo this morning. I don’t remember being this sore first time around. Lets hope I can get through tomorrow ok :(

Reminding myself to make myself a new calender… Another round of insanity

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My fit test results from monday weren’t that great. there was very little change to going under what my results were last time for some for some of the workouts. Ill post them later

2 weeks until I complete Insanity… and then I’m starting all over again! I can’t say this has been a complete waste due to my eating habits because I’ve broken my self back in. but I do need to follow the actual plan the second time around. i should look much better than this D:


2nd month, first week of insanity. Just did my first plyo. I had cardio kickbox planned after this, but damn…




I will not be missing my workout today. I’m on a roll. I just really need to get a start on my homework now that the kid’s asleep. Today is pure cardio and cardio abs.

Sounds like a good idea… can I do it?

Sounds like a good idea… can I do it?

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